Lahden Ilmasilta ry (LIS) was founded on November 15th, 1962. LIS acts as a meeting forum of people who have dedicated themselves to aviation. In addition to the monthly club meetings, the members gather together for aviation related spring trip. Also, LIS organizes regular club evenings, with themes related to the national defence, aviation, and history of aviation.

We take part in the aviation museum activity by maintaining old aeroplanes and articles in a hangar situated in the Lahti-Vesivehmaa airfield ( EFLA). The hangar is open for visitors during summer.

Important interest groups of Lahden Ilmasilta are:

Old aircraft on the show of the Päijänne-Tavastia Aviation Museum.

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Lahden Ilmasilta ry
Lentotie 89c
FIN-17130 Vesivehmaa

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